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Speaker: Christian Günzel

#LockDownBlues – Who am I, when I’m on my own? In times of COVID-19 many of us are suddenly on our own all the time. Oftentimes, this leads to feeling lonely and dejected. How can we deal with this situation? What meaningful questions come to mind and what could be a helpful perspective to deal with them?

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Speaker: Julia Garschagen

#Happyme - Does the constant search for our pursuit of hapiness leave us miserable?
Striving for our own pursuit of happiness is a basic human need. Who does not want to live a fulfilled and happy life? But what does a fulfilled life really mean? What if our constant striving for luck turns out to be extremely stressful and leaves us disappointed and empty after all?

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Speaker: Dr. Matthias Clausen

#NoOneLeftBehind – What makes society stick together?
The virus leaves us no choice: to keep our distance and to no let anyone down. Because only if we work together, we are able to help the weakest of society. No big deal, right? Human dignity is inviolable. That’s why we need a solid foundation. Our dignity lies in the eye of the beholder - one who’s loving. The one who knows us best and created us. Now that’s the secret.

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Watch the replay of the livestream!
Speaker: Christian Günzel

#GodAndCorona – Where’s God when the world is out of control?
In these days we look at the world and are shocked. About the chaotic states in Italian hospitals, the current situation of refugees and the violence that children from instable family-backgrounds experience all over the world, leave us deeply concerned. If there is a God – how can he allow something like this? How could we possibly trust a loving God, looking at all the pain on earth?

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Watch the replay of the livestream!
Speaker: Julia Garschagen

#EverythinWillBeAlright – Where does hope come from in a world full of uncertainty?
In the past weeks, our world has been turned upside down. Familiar securities are gone, nothing is like it used to be. What can we hold on to in insecure times like this? What could be a solid foundation for our life and a hope that proves trustworthy in this crisis of COVID-19?

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What is so important about Christian Hope

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